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Download the MetaQUANT Forex Bot Files

Last Updated 03/03/2020

Download the MetaQUANT Profile Files

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All Bots Package Purchase
KES. 40,000
Three Bot Package Purchase
KES. 30,000
Two Bot Package Purchase
KES. 20,000
Single Bot Package Purchase
KES. 10,000

MetaQUANT Setup Instructions

  1. Open and fund an MT5  trading account
  2. Purchase the MetaQUANT Forex Robots from our website
  3. Share your trading account number for configuration through the purchase form
  4. Download the bot files and profile files from website
  5. Install the bot files to your MT5
  6. Install the profile files to your MT5
  7. Restart your MT5 platform
  8. Load the appropriate profile according to your account size
  9. Delete charts for bots you are not using
  10. Register an MQl5 Community Account and fund with atleast $27 for VPS subscription
  11. Locate VPS section in the MT5 terminal sub-window
  12. Login using your MQL5 community credentials
  13. Select a suitable plan and purchase VPS
  14. Activate Auto-Trading from tool bar
  15. Go to VPS section and press the migrate button
  16. Wait until it shows migration successful
  17. You are live
  18. Change your profile to default

Robot Selection Guide

  1. Avoid using MetaQUANT_BB and MetaQUANT_RSI on the same currency
  2. Avoid using MetaQUANT_HA and MetaQUANT_SAR on the same currency
  3. Avoid using MetaQUANT_MA and MetaQUANT_MACD on the same currency
  4. Ensure equal distribution of currencies for all your selection e.g 2-3 robots for each currency pair

MetaQUANT Purchase Form